“Is Hinduism Rational?” on People of Shambhala

The first part of a two-part article of mine is now appearing on People of Shambhala. You may find it here: http://peopleofshambhala.com/is-hinduism-rational-part-i/

Please read and let me know what you think! Part 2 should be up next weekend.

Link: “Zombies—what’s up with that?” at The Mystical Christ


A nice, brief look at part of why zombies and unstoppable killer robots from the future appeal to us, from an esoteric perspective. There’s a lot to unpack, here, and it connects nicely with my own recent articles and poetry on the “morbid” and “decayed” as faces of the Divine. This may be the single most direct symbolic parallel between Śaivism and Christianity.