Hour of Mercury Divination & Spiritual Services


Karma and kleśas rule our lives down to the smallest detail. Whether we want to take more control of our day to day lives or advance along a spiritual path and delve deeply into our own minds, understanding these forces and how they manifest for each one of us as individuals is vital. Divination is a time-tested way of making this exploration into the pattern of life and mind.

I offer divinatory services for just this sort of insight. But divination alone is just a type of intelligence-gathering; what you do with that information is as important as getting it. In line with Tantra, witchcraft, and planetary magic, I also provide remedial measures—practical methods which bring together the forces of macrocosm and microcosm and open the way to get you where you need to go.

In addition to my paid services, I post articles on a variety of topics related to spiritual development and divination. I also teach meditation on the first Wednesday of each month at Artisan Tattoo & Café in my home town of Pittsburgh, PA.

Visit the Hour of Mercury website for more information as well as more articles.