Tried for Truth

In my social life
I am forced to start over;
my personality was burnt to the ground
in a livid conflagration
whose pain I was not spared by merciful asphyxia,
but made to feel all the way down.
I learnt of friends whose smiles for me remained,
and discerned those who would be as anvils
as the blows rained upon me.
Old friends made anew,
new friends made venerable,
false friends left to flutter and fade
like misprinted book leaves ripped and tossed away.
I do not rise again from my own ashes, triumphantly,
but offer myself up as bhasma
to grace, as laurel crown,
the shining brows of those whose love stays true.

Union of Kings

The pile of thoughts
— past, present, future —
Give these to Ganesa.
This demon becomes a mouse
to search out the subtle.

The notion “I am”
— very core of your soul —
Give this to Murugan.
This proud-tailed bird
will draw all things to One.

The two-horned intellect
— Real and unreal —
Ride this up the mountain.
Devoted bull Nandi alone
makes ascent to Kailasa.