Is it not a great comfort
to know that your city
is populated by so many ghouls?
A ghost walks down my street
each and every night, about 2 o’clock,
alone, slowly, with unknown purpose.
What if the goblins? Those spirits,
hideous of countenance, alive
or dead no-one can say —
skitter about the rooftops
and peer into apartment windows.
By three strips of holy ash,
they all recognize their own.
With so many terrors about,
how could I not feel safe?


I have stumbled upon intrigue.
Not subterfuge, certainly,
for there have not been lies
nor even withholdings.
But Siva is a God
who conceals
until revelation will not blast
our souls apart.
So from my own karma
by Siva’s grace
has intrigue departed;
no lies to uncover
but only the messages
of certain men’s hearts
laid out
as offerings to Truth.