Re-Initiation Into Hermetics — Introduction

Years and years ago, I undertook the practice of Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH for short). For those not familiar, you may find my introduction to that book here: Franz Bardon’s Hermetic Yoga — Part 1: Initiation Into Hermetics. That practice changed me in uncountable ways and certainly brought me to where I am today. I cannot thank the Magus Franz Bardon enough for all of his help along the way.

I probably get more questions about Bardon and his books than about anything else I write about on this blog. (I’m sorry that I’m so bad at maintaining correspondence, by the way.) As such, alongside my Tantra practice, I have decided to revisit the exercises of IIH from the very beginning as a sort of refresher course, but also to get greater perspective of the progress I have made and exactly how magical and spiritual practice has changed me. I thought that it may be fun, also, to write some pieces along the way containing some of the insights I gain as I go, especially where they could be helpful for someone else.

So here it is, a second series which will hopefully run right alongside my Tantra 101 series (which I am still working on, don’t worry). Those of you who are practicing the Bardon system and would like for me to address specific issues or questions, feel free to leave comments. I will do my best to work them all in. Thanks everybody for reading, and blessings in the work!

Index of Series Posts

Part 1: Concentration & Meditation

Part 2: Patience, Introspection, & Disease

3 thoughts on “Re-Initiation Into Hermetics — Introduction

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  2. Do you think it is a good idea to practice pranayam song with iih? Or will it be an overkill and Distraction? Also, for how many hours daily arre We supposed to do the exercises in iih? I have read that already 2hrs a day is needed to make reasonable progress.

    • Pranayama practice is not necessary at this point, though if you make it a separate practice from the pore breathing exercises, it should be fine. Both can work together to clear out the nadis a bit more quickly. Just don’t try to mix them at this time.

      That two hours a day estimate is a good one, if you include everything together: concentration/meditation, breathing exercises, cold water bathing, the astral mirrors, eye washes, and so on. If, however, you’re focused on the central practices of concentration/meditation and pore breathing, an hour a day is plenty. Don’t worry about trying to push yourself to a certain amount of time every day, but instead see how much time it takes to get to the state you need to get to and build from there. The results are what matter, not the time, so focus on progress with the exercises and don’t worry about how long it takes every day. If, on the other hand, you find yourself lacking the discipline (as many of us do from time to time, but especially at the beginning) go ahead and set yourself a minimum time for the practices until you’ve made their daily performance second-nature.

      I hope that helps.

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