Honesty in Blogging

Whether or not you have arrived here by way of my now-defunct blog, The Magical Messiah, it is best for me to quickly explain the purpose of this blog.

I have never been one to blog seeking an audience. Don’t get me wrong; my goal is not to not have an audience, either. However, I write mostly to help in organizing my own thoughts; if I can put something down in such a way that other people can see what I’m getting at, then my thoughts are at least somewhat clear. Thus, anything I write is not intended to be a statement of conclusion or finality, but rather a strong expression of “where I am at, right now” in my approach to any given particular. This brings me around to why I’ve started this blog and abandoned my other one: The Magical Messiah is no longer “where I’m at”, and I would have to delete the whole thing and start from scratch to reflect that shift. Still, there’s some stuff on there that I think is still good, or might still be useful to somebody, and very little I would like to disown. Instead, I’m just creating a clear point of separation. Let the past be what it is, but I’m no longer in it.

This blog, then, reflects the measure of peace I have gained in finally admitting to myself and others that I have embraced Sanātana Dharma (what is popularly, though not entirely accurately, known as “Hinduism”) by way of intense study of important Western writers in Perennial Philosophy. I don’t see this as a repudiation of my former Christianity, but as a blossoming of it. I have not abandoned Jesus but have taken a broader and, I think, deeper view of who and what He is. This has led me inexorably to conclude that I am now where I have felt drawn for years: nondual Saivism. Hermetism and Gnosticism were stepping stones from virtual nihilism through a sort of “New Age” pantheism to mitigated dualism, and into pure nondualism.

Let me emphasize that I do not hold myself above the authentic religious and initiatory traditions through which I have come to reach this point. I can only speak honestly about the road I have taken. I know many men and women personally who are ardent practitioners of Gnostic Christianity, contemplative Christianity, esoteric Hermetism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, and many other traditions besides, and I have nothing but respect for them and their path; there are many paths, but one Way.

All of that said, this is a blog about Perennial Wisdom in Her many forms, but more specifically about my own journey in Dharma. Really, they amount to the same thing (but I’ll get into that more as time goes by).

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that something of my journey can be of help in yours.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

10 thoughts on “Honesty in Blogging

  1. Nice, and congratulations of your blossoming. (Forgive the awkward phrasing. I don’t want it to sound like sarcasm, I’m mean it genuinely.)

  2. Interesting development. I feel pretty sure you will already have read Aldous Huxley’s “The Perennial Philosophy” but, if not, you will find much of value in there and I highly recommend it.

    Incidentally, a while ago you posted on Facebook about a scientific study of the neurobiology of free will.. I meant to get back to you on that but it slipped away- it needed more than a typically brief FB-type post… but if you want to send me a private message with the link I will, in time, respond. It may not be a priority for you, don’t worry if so, I will certainly not take offence.

    Best wishes from the Shoreline.

  3. Doh.. I meant religious experience, not free will (a different conversation I was having elsewhere.. my blurring those two things is worth pondering in itself)…and now I found a post on your old blog on the topic, so will write something there in due course.

  4. I discovered this blog through The Magical Messiah article “Evaluation of Magic Revisited.” That was an enlightening article which expressed much of great import. In fact, your previous blog contains so much relevant to those in various stages traveling various paths–for that reason it would be unfortunate to see its content erased.
    Your journey is fascinating. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words.

      I assure you that I have no intention of deleting “The Magical Messiah”; I do not repudiate where I have been and, so long as I think that anything there could be of use to anybody, I will leave it as it is. In fact, if you look through recent entries here, you will see that I have a three-part (with a fourth part in the wings) series of posts on Franz Bardon’s Hermetic writings.

      I hope that you enjoy what you find here.

  5. I completely understand your shift in perspective. My journey has been similar. Glad you expanded your horizons, yet still hold a humble attitude for the religions that helped bring you to what you currently believe. I have learned it isnt necessarily that mainstream Christianity was completely wrong, only very limiting. But it was a serious road I had to travel nonetheless.

    • Thank you for your thoughts.

      I was not part of an especially limiting form of the Christian communion, and I still think very highly of the Bishop by whom I was brought into the Church, but I also understand that I was fortunate in having found him. My leaving was all about, as you say, the journey; Christianity simply is not a fit for me, though I still see it as spiritually efficacious and metaphysically necessary.

      I hope that your journey goes well!

  6. Your other blog described in Christianity and Hermetic orthodox similarities. I found that searching why I spontaneously starting writing poetry on my blog 6 months ago after significant mystical experiences. It as if you wrote what I was feeling with crystal clarity and enlightened insight. Please, help me. The path guides me now with no thinking. I seem to following some crazy progression. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I found Rumi and Bardon and Boheme and all the great Hermetic and Alchemy luminaries. Drawn deeper into esoteric knowledge and finding thugs I just have known in print clearly elucidated. I don’t have any faith, I KNOW. Anyone who wants, please reach out. I’m starving for contact and help.

    I have studied Zen Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and Alchemy along with Hermetics now. I had to die and expand my conscious and awareness and then I began this journey. Whoa.

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