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In this interim between regular posts, I wanted to draw attention to the blog of some friends of mine: With Cunning & Command, written by Sfinga and Salt.

While their readership is likely at least as large as mine already, it is also probably a bit of a different audience. That’s part of why I wanted to bring it to the attention of anyone who reads me: Salt and Sfinga take a very different approach to my own, but one which is demonstrably effective. While I am first and foremost a Yogi — with all magic engaged in as an aid or adjunct to my Yoga, a Tantric approach of participatory worship — these two are sorcerers to their bones.

Salt has proven himself to me a more than competent talismanic astrologer and a brilliant geomancer; I strongly recommend thinking of him if you would like a Geomancy reading. He also engages in a lot of ceremonial magic based in the European grimoire tradition.

Sfinga is a traditional witch, spirit-worker and Balkan Zmajevit-woman with insight and power rather underdone by the word “impressive”. She also experiments with the legacy of the grimoires, among other methods.

Together, they are producing a blog which dives deeply into today’s glutted marketplace of magic books to bring their readers both reviews and, more interesting, post mortems of their magical experiments. It is, and I may be biased, one of the best blogs on Western magical practice I have encountered; the practical experience and depth of knowledge of Sfinga and Salt is truly something special and they communicate it well. If you are a Western-style magician, or if you just want to get authentic perspectives on those methods for your own edification, With Cunning & Command is very worthy of your attention.