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Demons seep through the cracks in bricks
as mortar slowly crumbles and falls.
Tombstones topple and corpses rise to
shriek in silence; smile, just smile.

Unseelie, goblins, bogies, dance upon
age-old earthen mounds, those hollow
hills in which twitch dreaming bones,
in bronze bedecked; smile, just smile.

The trees around glow with spectre
lamps and Will-o-Wisps delighting in
the dissolution of those who seek
treasures unearned; smile, just smile.

The world dissolves into tortuous Hells
to the sound of crazed laughter from
the minds of those now suffering the first
melted living-lie; smile, just smile.

All these bow and bathe, with milk
of shattered falsehood, the heatless flame
which stands firm and upright deepest in
your innermost peace as you smile, just smile.