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I know I’ve been quiet here for a while. I have a lot of material I’m getting ready to go, though, so starting tomorrow I’m committing to post every other Friday.

In support of this, I am also launching a Patreon for any readers who may be willing and able to help me in keeping this blog rolling. Writing takes a lot of time and energy, as well as the background of my daily, weekly, and monthly meditation and magical practice, and the cost of maintaining the domain and hosting for the blog itself. Any money you decide to put into my Patreon will therefore help me to keep to this post schedule and expand it moving forward.

Just as importantly, I also have a number of related projects in the works — from chapbooks to a podcast — which will also require more time, picking up or polishing some different skill sets, and so on, but which I’m sure will be of interest to anybody reading this. The Patreon will also help to bring those to life.

If this blog has brought any value to your spiritual practice or your intellectual life, please consider clicking the link above or in the sidebar and becoming a patron. Every little bit really does help. Either way, stick around for more regular content moving forward.