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Om Sri Ganapataye Namah



Aum Śrī Ekadantāya Namaḥ

It is traditional in books of scholarship or religion to place, as the frontispiece, an image of Ganapati as the guardian and pontiff of Sanātana Dharma, and as the divine Scribe. As this is a blog, I have created for Him a virtual frontispiece to His honor, dedicating it with a mantra to His form as the One with a Single Tusk; it is said that Sage Vyāsa dictated the Mahābhārata (the Hindu epic which includes, among other segments, Bhagavad Gītā) to Ganeśji, for which task the Lord broke off one of His own tusks to use as a pen. This Name, then, invokes Him as Scribe, but also as the source and support of the mental power of single-pointed concentration amidst multifarious manifestation and self-sacrifice so necessary to spiritual discipline. Om